110V/220V Household Food Vacuum Sealer (Includes 15 Vacuum Sealer Bags Free)

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We live in a busy world that demands much from us. One of the greatest enjoyments we still have to enjoy is fresh, tasty food. BUT there is a great cost to our health in how we store and preserve our food items.
The food vacuum sealer fills a unique role, by allowing you to save left over meals for a later date - ie when you are so busy there is no time to cook a meal, then just pull out your already fresh vacuum saved meal from the fridge/freezer and enjoy the original full flavour you expected just like the first time you prepared this delicious food item.
A must for busy single individuals or mums with kids who want their children well nourished with a  fine home cooked product - maybe for a school lunch.
What a great way to save time, money, effort & less waste going into your hungry trash can...
This is such an easy way to retain the natural freshness and goodness of your food and be able to store it 5x longer than usual.
5 great pluses for you are:
- the ability to keep the air out which would degrade the quality of the item sealed in the vacuum sealer bags.
- no mould cultures can grow in your vacuum seal freezer bags, due to no extra moisture.
- food is kept fresher for longer.
- acts as a form of sterilization, keeping contaminants out of your food.
- able to purchase bulk food and vacuum seal portion sized amounts ready to take with you when required (ie nuts etc...)
 - it's not all about food - you can vacuum seal anything you want to store and keep the dirt, dust and moisture out of.  :-)
P.S - don't forget we also have available a range of bulk vacuum sealer bags in various sizes. Checkout our great prices.


1x Electric 110V Food Vacuum Sealer unit.
15 individual vacuum sealer bags.


Size: 13.8"(L)X2.0"(W)X2.0"(H)
Power rating: 100W
Sealing bag width: 11.8"
Sealing speed: 3-8 bags per minute.
Operation: Manual-electric (place open end of bag in sealing strip area, lock end latches to hold bag in place & allow air to be drawn out - with just one button push and "voila" - it is all done).
Magnetic base: will attach to any magnetic surface for storage and use.