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Bamboo products importing to Australia

A range of different options to choose

We import a range of bamboo from screens to poles to panels and in two primary colours.

  • The bamboo screening we get comes in these sizes & colours:
  • Natural 1200 (H) x 2400(L) & 30-40mm dia.
  • Natural 1800 (H) x 2400(L) & 30-40mm dia.
  • Natural 2100 (H) x 2400(L) & 30-40mm dia.
  • Natural 2400 (H) x 2400(L) & 30-40mm dia.
  • Smoked 1200 (H) x 2400(L) & 30-40mm dia.
  • Smoked 1800 (H) x 2400(L) & 30-40mm dia.
  • Smoked 2100 (H) x 2400(L) & 30-40mm dia.
  • Smoked 2400 (H) x 2400(L) & 30-40mm dia.
  • Bamboo poles:
  • Natural 4m (L) & 70-90mm dia.

Your Customers can Create authentic spaces
or add security

Authentic bamboo screens are perfect for the outdoor space or pool so roll up your sleeves and take this botanical trend to sell out that outdoor space.

The bamboo screens can be used as dividers, partitions and more in interior design, though they’re most often seen outdoors at hotels — not just by the pool deck!

Customers love to purchase this natural option for their home or workplace since they’ll never need to paint them and maintenance on them isn’t high; simply let the bamboo naturally age as needed so you always have beautiful screens.

What will customers get?
They can turn their backyard, home or space into a retreat with our authentic screens. And if anyone needs privacy the screens also work great for that too!

As a business you can add this product (or others) and expand plus save with Yadshak.



unit mm

Standard size with H1800 x W2400 x T(25-40) mm
Natural and Smoked
Surface Treatment
Natural Polish

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