Silicone Cooking Baking Mat Sheet Oven Baking Tray Non Stick Fat Reducing Mat

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 What are your thoughts about cooking with Silicon Baking Mats/Sheets?
Did you know that to test for a good silicon baking product there is a very simple measure to check its quality and to be certain if it contains potential harmful plastic fillers: these inferior products are more prone to cause adhering or sticking  to the food, plus they can emit odours which leak into your food.
This simple test involves twisting your silicon product and see if it turns "whitish", if not then it is made from 100% pure food grade silicon, which is deemed safe to use by the FDA since 1979...
Remember silicon is an inert compound (which means it is NOT chemically reactive) - therefore it is non-toxic and won't harm your food in any way....
Does that make you feel better now - I hope so...!
The great thing about the design of this pyramidal shaped silicon baking mat apart from the fantastic features of silicon, which allows even heat distribution across the whole contact point for cooking. It also allows the heat to be evenly transferred around the whole food item due to the movement of air between the cooking surface and the food (say a chicken drumstick etc). This in turn allows your cooking times  to be quicker and you also get a nice crisp outside finish in these scenarios.
1x Silicon pyramid baking mat - 41cm x 29cm
High quality, food grade silicon rubber.
Another cool attribute is your baking mat can be rolled up so as to take-up less room in your cupboard or drawer.
Being silicon it retains its shape and flexibility.
Dishwasher, microwave, freezer and oven safe.
DO NOT USE with sharp instruments OR in a gas oven.
Please clean and then disinfect in boiling water before using.
Please keep out of direct sunlight after use.