25CMx500CM Roll Vacuum Sealer Bags Vacuum Seal Bulk Vacuum Food Sealer

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These vacuum seal freezer bags are designed for use with any vacuum packaging machine or food vacuum sealer.
The great thing is they are eco-friendly - you can cut them at any length, so there is no unwanted wastage of your roll of vacuum sealer bags.
If your a true saver of plastic land-fill products you can even wash your bag, re-use it and re-seal just as good as the original seal your bag was intended for.
These 25cm wide bags come on a 500cm roll which allows for a medium-large portion vacuum wrap - great for a few bread rolls, a large left over dinner or simply storing a selection of herbal seeds to enjoy later...
5 great pluses for you are:
- the ability to keep the air out which would degrade the quality of the item sealed in the vacuum sealed bag.
- no mould cultures can grow in your vacuum food storage bag, due to no extra moisture.
- food is kept fresher for longer.
- acts as a form of sterilization, keeping contaminants out of your food.
- able to purchase bulk food and vacuum seal portion sized amounts ready to take with you when required (ie nuts etc...)
 - it's not all about food - you can vacuum seal anything you want to store and keep the dirt, dust and moisture out of.  :-)
P.S - don't forget we also have available a range of vacuum sealing bags in various sizes. Checkout our great prices.
1x 25CM x 500CM Roll Vacuum Sealer Bags Bulk.
Can cut bags to any length. - a massive saving on waste.
BPA FREE - food grade material.
Microporous Membrane Design - allows a more thorough extraction of air - thus food is kept fresher and retains original flavour.
Reusable - if you wish.
Keeps food fresher 5x longer.