4 Pcs Flexible Silicon Vegetable Fruit Food Huggers Embracer

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 Have you had to throw out fresh fruit or vegetables that you have only used a portion of just a few days ago?

Even canned food, like tinned tomatoes, lichees, pineapple, spaghetti etc does not last long n the fridge without adequate protection from the effects of the air oxidising it.

It is just so annoying and costly to your household budget to have to keep throwing out what should be good food from the refrigerator.

Great news - this 4 piece silicon food hugger set has your food covered for most sizes.

Made from food grade silicon, these food huggers will keep your food fresher for longer by making a tight seal over your cut food, open tin or jar, keeping the air out and the freshness in.

You get 4 Silicon food huggers in this set to cover a variety of size options.

That should keep your food covered....LOL...!



4 Food huggers/ Set

Size: OD 118mm, 97mm, 83mm, 70mm



High quality, food grade silicon rubber

A safe alternative to plastic wrap

Colours - Red, Orange, Green, Yellow