5 in 1 Multi-function Vegetable Fruit Slicer Cutter Grater Dicer Changeable Stainless Steel Blades

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What a neat kitchen assistant and time-saver this is - the 5 in 1 vegetable fruit slicer cutter dicer and grater - no more knives for those laborious slicing jobs.... :-)
It has 5 unique blades that are conveniently stored within the main body of the unit. All you need to do is slide out the next blade you require, slip it into place and your ready, set, go...   It really is as simple as that...!
You can make fanciful vegetable patterns or shapes in seconds with use of various blades - its like bringing your food to life if you want to have some fun...
This tool comes with a hand held guard that has a set of pins that hold the food in place while you are slicing -so you never need to get your fingers close to the blades....
Another plus is the easy cleaning and storage as it doesn't require much room.
It'll make quick work of the veggies of the day, whether it's onions, tomatoes, carrots, or potatoes.
1x  Detachable Slicer
2x Slicer Blade
2x Julienne Shreder Blade (2mm,3mm)
1x Grate Blade (Potato flower Shape)
1x Safe Hand Guard


Tough ABS plastic

Stainless Steel blades

Rubber stops to stop sliding on work bench

Extremely versatile and easy to use and clean