BBQ Barbecue Kebab Maker Meat Brochettes - Makes 16

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How much do you love kebabs, but absolutely hate making them for your BBQ...?
The weekend has come around and you want to have your friends over for a barbecue. They really enjoyed the kebabs you made last time, commenting on how they were marinated so well and had the right combination of other gourmet delights added.
Your heart sinks at that feeling of how much you've got to cut up all those cubes of meat, onion, peach, apricot, capsicum etc....its a BIG task, which they don't see....
If only you had known about the BBQ kebab maker, you'd be making kebabs like a kebab machine and be known as the kebab king!!!
This BBQ tool is just so plain simple, it couldn't get any easier...
All it takes is to layer the ingredients into your kebab maker until it is full.
Then push the skewers (supplied with this kit) through the holes in the top lid.
Lastly, with a sharp knife, cut all the way through from top to bottom through the slits in the side of your kebab maker and "boy howdy" - there you have it, 16 ready made kebabs in just a matter of minutes instead of an hour of tedious cutting,chopping and skewering.
If you want more, simply reload your kebab maker and use wooden skewers this time.
(A quick tip - wet any wooden skewers first, so they will not burn easily on the BBQ).
1x  Kebab maker.
1x Packet wooden skewers.
High quality durable plastic for long lasting use
Make kebabs easily and save yourself time
Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
Packet of wooden skewers included
Size: 4.7" x 4.7" x 9.8"   (11.5 x 11.5 x 24 cm)    ( L x W x H )