Easy Onion Fork Holder Stainless Steel + Plastic Vegetable Slicer

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How many of you looked at this simple vegetable fork holder and went UGLEEE...?
I did too..., until I saw how simple and easy it was...!
This simple tool doesn't appear to have any elegance about it, you can't say it looks sexy or interesting. "But how many times do we walk past simplicity to find something harder?"
This amazing kitchen tool is a real answer to those who want to slice or cut vegetables such as onion or tomatoes with ease  - and there's basically not much to wash up afterwards - bonus...!
Do you "cry" when cutting onions - do you think the onion fork holder is your solution...?
Absolutely simple to use, make no mistake about it, just push the prongs into your vegetable while using them as a guide to slice your food into nice even slices. Helps reduce under/over cooking when slices are such variable widths trying to do it on your own.
1x  Vegetable Fork Holder
Simplicity springs to mind...!
Ease of use
Quick clean-up
Dishwasher safe
Compact size
Please be advised  - colour will be random selection upon placing order.