Silicon Egg Separator For White/Yolk Dividing

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"Who loves Pavlova...?"
"Have YOU got an easy way to separate egg whites...?"
One of the most frustrating jobs in the kitchen is when one has to separate egg yolks from the white.
How many times have you had broken yolk in the white,you've gritted your teeth (maybe muttered some choice words...) and decided to make scrambled egg after the delicate but botched operation... Please DON'T become a surgeon ....LOL...!
The silicon egg separator is a rather unique and easy way to extract the egg yolk from the white.
- Just squeeze in the silicon bulb (to create a "negative pressure" inside the chamber)
- Place the opening onto the yolk
- Simply take the pressure off the bulb and miraculously watch the yolk get sucked in to the yolk chamber.
(If your really good, you can get 2 yolks stored in the the bulb at a time - but we'll leave that to the advanced class...LOL...)
1x  Silicon egg white yolk separator.
Separates egg yolks/whites effortlessly!
Pulls apart into 2 pieces for EASY cleaning
Dishwasher safe