500ML Food Chopper Shredder Dicer, Puree For Herbs Garlic Vegetable Fruit and Nuts

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"Just when you thought it couldn't get any easier in the kitchen..."
Be surprised with this handy accessory

"You can quickly and effortlessly use this mini manual multifunctional chopper for:"
Shredding cabbage, chopped herbs (even onion - without the teary eyes - YESsss...!), mince meat (boneless), puree juices (even pitted prunes with some added water etc)...
This mini manual chopper is ideal for prepping for a coleslaw salad - you can even throw in a few nuts as well which will be chopped by the fast rotating blades - pretty easy to do a waldorf salad in the one bowl.
Create a nice juice, using orange pieces, pour through a strainer to take out the pulp and use your imagination for whatever you would like to form as a base for a healthy, nutritious drink or shake.
Here's a quick rundown of what to expect from your new kitchen wizz.
By placing already semi-chopped pieces in the bowl and twisting the lid on securely, you are ready to pull securing the lid
5-6 pulls of the hand-grip will yield even coarse diced pieces.
8-13 for good medium diced pieces.
14-20 produces finely shredded contents.
20 or more pulls will provide a great liquid puree.
1x  500ml Food Chopper and Dicer.

Chops, cuts & dices in seconds with the quick pull-cord action!
Saves on a multitude of dishes to clean.
Strong, sharp Stainless Steel 420 grade blades.
Dishwasher safe.
Easy to clean
Compact size: 4.8" diameter x 3.15" H
Color: White/Green,  Green/White