Orange Peeler x2

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This has to be the EASIEST solution to peeling oranges or any citrus fruit...!
I've owned one of these for so many years, I can't actually remember how long. In fact it was mum who bought it for me, as she knew how much I loved fresh oranges to eat.
I simply score the orange peel into quarters using the bladed end (ie half, then half again) then peel the quarters leaving the orange flesh as a whole piece of fruit.
It's then much easier to break open the pieces separately as you want to.
This beats slicing the orange in half with a knife, then trying to get the peel off. All the time getting orange juice dripping down your fingers and maybe "squirting" onto your clothes, yeah it sucks...been there done that...!
A little tip - you'll find your workmates who love fresh oranges wanting to borrow your nifty little peeler, it really is that a"peel"ing...!
2x  Orange peelers.
Cuts orange peel with absolute ease!
Easy to carry in your lunch box or bag.
Simple to clean.
Lasts a lifetime.