Silicon Pancake Mold Maker Round Fried Egg Mold

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Do you have trouble with pancake batter running into the next one on the frypan?
What about fried eggs - can you stop the white from flowing into the next egg...?
It's an absolute pain I know...trying to separate them especially if one is ahead in cooking time compared to the other. Invariably one gets messed up if not two...
Well the Silicon pancake mold is just so designed to stop that happening. Being made of food grade silicon, it is safe to be in contact with your food, plus its flexible flip-grips allow you to flip your pancakes (seven at a time) to speed up your cooking process.
Using your imagination - its great for fried eggs or even mini-omelettes, with some bacon and cheese - Mmmmm, I'm savouring the flavours already...!
1x  Silicon pancake mold maker.
Able to cook seven pancakes or fried eggs in one go!
Food grade silicon cook-ware.
Even heating to all parts of the mold.
Temperature range - resistant to 450C.
Dishwasher, microwave  and oven safe.
Please wash prior to initial use.
Do NOT use on open flame or in a gas oven.
Please do NOT cut with knife.
Apply a  smear of cooking oil before each use.
Temperature range - resistant to 450C.