Stainless Steel Cake Server Slicer

  • $7.95
  • Save $4.52

How fed-up are you with trying to slice and serve a piece of cake elegantly...?
Try the simple cake slicer-server. It will cut any cake from an airy soft sponge to a dense, moist chocolate mud cake.
This elegant, shiny looking stainless steel utensil looks like it was crafted to be used on the Queens own high-tea table - now you can own one for yourself.
It's very simple design allows you to slice through any cake and gently pinch the sides together so as to hold the cake portion whilst serving it onto a plate.
The bonus - everyone gets the same exact size portion...!
Easy to clean, easy to use, save the head-ache next time you invite guests over to share in that decadent cake for a birthday or special occasion.
1x  Stainless Steel cake slicer-server.
Ensures exact cutting portions every time...!
Easy to clean - safe to use in the dishwasher
Size: approx. 10" (L) x 1.7" (W)