Stainless Steel Finger Protector Guard Kitchen Tool

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How many friends do you know that have confessed to "...taking a slice off of the tip of a finger or two" whilst chopping vege's?
The other question is - "How close have you come to doing it yourself...?"
This clever and simple little gadget is a must for those who want to protect their fingers from the inevitable happening.  The finger guard has an adjustable finger support to accommodate most all finger sizes so as to keep it in place whilst chopping, slicing or dicing any food item that you are preparing.
The last thing you really want to end up with is having nerve damage due to a badly sliced finger.
If you value your fingers - "Put on your protection now...!"   
1x  Stainless steel finger guard.
Sturdy, strong stainless steel finger guard - won't rust
Protects against chopping fingers tips off.
Adjustable ring-size  for your finger/s.
Plate size: approx. 2.45" (W) x 1.95" (H)    (6.3 x 5.0cm)